How do I know if I’m running 32 bit or 64 bit FL Studio 20?

Fl studio 20 is a digital audio workstation with the full packed features music production environment. It has come with everything in the single package that will assist you to arrange, compose, edit and produce fantastic music with less effort.

Such image line studio was previously known as fruity loops in 1997, later on, they have changed its name to Fl studio. Basically, it is one of the fantastic products of Belgian Application Company known as Image-line.

The best thing about the image line company they offer lifetime updates in the free of cost. It means if a consumer buys the product, he will able to get next update entirely free including all the features on it. Fl 20 is a powerful and best solution that provides many innovative tools like state of the art mixers.

Such application runs in a full-screen window, and you can grab other tools in the left bar that can be used for mixing and importing tunes. In this latest version, you can get the support of the Mac OS and supports for 100 plug-ins also included.

Fl studio 20 downloadLet’s discuss the ways from where you can learn about you are running on 32 bit or 64 bit Fl studio.

Fl studio 64 Bit vs. 32 Bit

Fl studio 64 bit is available as a free for old or new consumers. On windows Fl studio 64 and Fl studio 32 bit comes with a single installer. They introduced in July 2014 with significant improvement in compatibility and stability.

Fl studio 20 64 Bit features

• Accessible up to 512 GB RAM and 8 TB additional spaces, depends on your windows version.
• The two-way project is compatible between 32 and 64-bit versions.
• Fl studio is available as a 64 bit plug-in for use in 64 BIT hosts.

Limitations & missing Plug-in

The following features & plug-ins aren’t available in the 64-bit version at this time such are-
• Buzz adapter
• Fl slayer
• Fruity sound font Player
• Synthmaker/Flowstone
• Wasp/Wasp XT

Most of the plug-ins aren’t available in the 64-bit version; thus you can quickly make the difference among 64 or 32-bit versions.

What is the difference?

So we have to understand the difference between two 32 or 64-bit versions. There is a vast difference between them. 32BIT is only limited that is compatible with 4GB of RAM whereas 64 bit’s limit is quite higher as compared to others.

You can notice the big libraries such as kntakt, Unisphere and drummer as well.
In the FL 64 bit, you have a lot of different options with incredible choices.
If the plug-in is 32 bit only then you will automatically bridge by FL.
In the 64 bit version, you can’t be able to play notes when you change the presets.

Undoubtedly, FL20 interface looks quite attractive and stunning. It is manufactured for pupils to grab it easy in seeing and using.