How to disable FL studio 20 muted notes in the piano roll?

Image line has jumped directly from version 12 to 20 with its latest launching of FL 20 studio. They haven’t suddenly got bad at math’s, this year they are celebrating DAW’s 20th birthday. And there’s some big new as well.

20 years is a quite a long time in the music industry and FL studio 20 that started life many moons ago as Fruity Loops. Just it will turn into two decades old. It is massively quite advanced now than at the launching of the product.

Fl studio 20 for freeIn recent years it has had massive renovations such as vectorization of the layout to allow resizing on a bigger display. You can grab the most advanced touchscreen support that is available on any music platform.

In this latest version, you can grab the support for Mac OS and compatible for plugging also included. It can work mainly on the windows and Mac as well. Many features are included in the application for proper and incredible performance.

Fl studio 20 consists of three different editions such as Fruity edition, producer edition, and signature bundled as well. Considering the rate of their cost, fruity edition cost less as compared to others. Let’s discuss the features and How to disable FL studio 20 muted notes as well.

Fantastic features

• Sytrus and Maximus
• Such application supports with multiple midi-ins.
• Sequencing tools like as piano roll and linear workflow as well.
• More than 80 advanced and modified plug-in.
• Compatible with any screen size.
• Audio and automation clip manager.

How to hide ghost notes?

You can grab the piano roll in the Fl 20 player that has a well-deserved reputation, consider as the best piano roll in the business. You can see grayed out notes from other channels in the similar pattern. That’s fantastic but did you know there is a way to disable them?

When there are a lot of notes available, it can get both messy for us and quite difficult to start the further process. From the piano roll drop down option in the top right of your piano roll, you should tap on helpers then ghost channels.

Such things can also be done by pressing Alt+v keys in your piano roll. However, you can double right click on the ghost notes and switch that channel.

Features of Full version

This feature will promote you from seeing a whole track of any music he is playing. All the music will be displayed on the screen with all the different songs.

Web browser
And the question arises How to disable FL studio 20 muted notes; thus you can read the entire article and grab the process.

Target channel
You should select a channel from the drop-down menu that is available in the title bar. And select those for editing, channels with notes in the selected pattern will display a tick. However, you can roll your mouse wheel while hovering over the control to show channels with notes.