How to store microphones?

Finally, you have invested in a far-fetched quality microphone, and your voice has never sounded better. Microphones considered as one of the most delicate and vital parts of the pro audio chain. To keep the microphone working efficiently, there are a few things that the owner can do.

store microphonesMicrophones are the most craggy and reliable of all mics, that will witness for their extreme popularity especially by music groups on the particular location. Depends on the aggressiveness of the user, such mics get spun by the cord.

After investing thousands of dollars in microphones for your home recording studio, you want to know that how to take care of them. A good quality microphone lasts for several years. Take care of your mics, and they will give you service for the lifetime.

You have probably seen someone on stage blow into the mic and testing them whether it is working. And you have to figure that’s how the benefit must check their mics. To consider whether the mic is working, just speak into normal voice.

After buying a mike, you should ask from professional How to store microphones and grab the guide. Mics are considering as the sonic backbone of many studios. And these are some points that will assist keep performing at their prime.

What are the precautions?

Always keep the precious mic in a plastic bag when not in use. Any plastic bag will prevent airborne dust and foam elements from windscreen and storage boxes. You should put a plastic bag over the mic when you aren’t working. And always cover the mic with a cloth before storing in the case.

You should use a stocking screen filter when recording the vocals and voices as well. It will interrupt a singer’s spit haze from gumming up the diaphragm. And high-quality capsule will affect the high frequencies and cause noise in discharging or shut down completely.

Always keep a distance of more than six inches between mouth and mic to prevent destruction plosives from damaging the capsule.

Connect the cable with the power supply to the tube condenser mic before turning the power supply on. And never put your mic where you wouldn’t put your ears.

After buying the mic, you should bear above mentioned things in the mind.

How to store microphone when not in use?

The question arises how to store microphones, and you need to follow these essential steps. When the microphone is not in use, it is recommended that the microphone should be stored in the cool and dry place.

It is great to keep the microphone in the plastic bag with some moisture acquiring crystals in the capsule. This will prevent any moisture that is May available in the mic and especially the capsule.
It is good if you are regularly checking the microphone and the crystals. If the crystals have changed the color that will indicate they are saturated. And can be no longer absorbing moisture from the air effectively.